You’ve Gotta See It Before You See it …

I don’t remember what drew me into the workshop, exactly.  I just remember the seminar leader was engaging, passionate and an exceptional storyteller/communicator.

I bought in to his delivery early on.

Obviously well prepared, he saved his best story for last.

A pastor of a small but energetic church plant on North of Dallas, he told of his struggles to get the bank to even consider lending them money for property North of the city.  Finally, somehow, he managed to get the loan officer, VP to join him for lunch, and after lunch they “somehow” found themselves at the parcel the church wanted.  (Perhaps that the pastor was driving had something to do with it?)

Begrudgingly, the bank official walked with the enthusiastic pastor as he described in detail what part of the building would be here and what kind of activities would go on in that part of the building, what would go here, what would be over there and how it would connect with ….    Finally the banker stopped him.  “you can SEE all this in your head, can’t you?”

“Absolutely!” beamed the pastor/church-planter, “You’ve gotta see it before you can see it – or you’ll NEVER see it.”

“Not long afterwards,” he told his listening audience, “we had our initial funding and broke ground.”

I love that sentence:  You’ve gotta see it before you can see it – or you’ll never see it!

Being able to see it helps us be specific when we pray too, doesn’t it?
Is there something you can see that the people around you don’t see – yet?

Keep praying for it.  And don’t be afraid to walk around and describe it to even the reluctant.  Enthusiastic vision is contagious!


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