You – are Jealous!



~ From Jonell ~

We have three doggies, all Labrador Retrievers; Abby on the left, Chelsea next to her, and Katie on the right.


Chelsea is a yellow lab and was born 1999. After her first litter of all yellow puppies in 2004, we kept the one with the most spunk and named her Katie. Later we added a chocolate lab named Abby, who is 6 months younger than Katie.


My husband and I like the quote:

“A Labrador Retriever would crawl inside your clothes if they could.”

And that is so true of ours labs. Katie is almost 3 years old and she is the normal lab because she always wants to be close and always wants the most attention. I pet and hug on them all, but Katie is the one that begs for the most attention. If I pet Chelsea or Abby — Katie is right there, nosing her way in, wanting to be petted, wanting as much attention as I can possibly give her. I say to her, “You are a jealous dog!”



Then I remember that Exodus 34:14 says:

“Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

Then in my mind I think maybe God is asking that of me.

Maybe He’s asking questions like:

Will you spend more time ..

Thinking of Me?

Reading My Words to you?

Asking Me to help you live the life I’ve intended?

Talking to Me about your day?

Telling your friends about Me?

Bringing your concerns to Me?

Singing songs of praise to Me?

Enjoying My beautiful creation?

Asking Me to guide you in the future?

Thanking Me for all I have done for you?

So, when I pet Katie, I remember that God is saying to me, “Me! Me! Me!”

I’m trying to remember that our God is a jealous God, and I’m thinking about Him more than ever.







6 Replies to “You – are Jealous!”

  1. expreacherman


    Good analysis!

    Outside of a Biblical context, we are (I am) jealous of your warm pooches. We (at least I) had to turn the furnace on this morning.. it was all the way down around 68* to 70* this morning…

    To me, freezing!!
    To Mom, comfortable.

    In Christ eternally,

  2. Jonell

    Thanks Steve,

    Glad you liked what I shared. Katie is a constant reminder to me … to put God first! God can even use dogs to help us grow spiritually. 🙂


  3. peter nicholls

    Strange that l should stumble upon your blog, l enjoyed reading it, just the other day l was discussing how much difference my labrador puppy tess had made to the residents of the old peoplem home that l visit.

    I should pay more attention to senior citizens as they sometimes see so clearly, when l asked one of the residents if she enjoyed seeing tess, she replied of course l do dear , don/t you know that dog is god spelt backwords, he visits us anyway he can. regards Peter

  4. JBS

    Thanks for sharing! We used to take our oldest lab, Chelsea, to visit Gpa and Gma in a retirement village. B/c we had trained Chelsea to not jump up on people, we could trust her w/ the following scenario. We would check in at the front desk and walk to Gpa & Gma’s apartment. After we knocked, we could hear them say, “Come in!” My husband would open their door, and let Chelsea loose inside. We stood at the open door and listened. Soon we would hear Gma say, “Well hello Chelsea!” When we walked in, we would see Chelsea with her head on Gma’s lap and Gma petting her ears!” Gma and Gpa loved dogs and Chelsea always made their day when we went for a visit! 🙂

    Thanks again!

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