Wise Perspective

My mom is a wise lady.  It’s amazing how much she’s learned over the years; she didn’t know anything when I was twelve.  😀

We’ve been praying at our house for God to provide since I was downsized out of the company I’d been working for, designing and installing media systems in churches.  It’s been almost a year of looking, praying, looking some more and praying some more.  Interviews have been few and far between.  God has gone out of His way to provide “creatively”, shall we say, and our faith has grown stronger while we waited on Him.

Then suddenly, almost out of nowhere an opportunity appeared and discussions ramped up quickly.  I found myself asking “Lord, is this what You’ve had in mind all along?”

It would be easy to get my hopes up pre-maturely.  I can build a whole city on a good idea.  If you know me, you know that’s true. It’s a liability visionaries deal with.

Conversely, it would be just as easy to “Eeyore my way” out of things, talk myself down and back into defeat.

I’m determined to watch my Savior very carefully through all of this. Mom used to be able to tell me what I could or couldn’t do from across the room with just a glance or a raised eyebrow.  She could guide me with her eye as long as I was paying attention and caught what she was telling me.   I need God to do that right now.  I’m an adult, but I’m His child, so I’m praying  “Guide me with Your eye, Lord.  I’m seeking Your face.”

Mom sent these words of encouragement over a few days ago and they’re rich with wisdom so I’m going to copy them here.

“When  he was crossing the Irish Channel one dark starless night, F. B. Meyer stood on the deck beside the captain and asked him, “How do you know Holyhead Harbor on so dark a night as this?

He said, “You see those three lights? Those three must line up behind each other as one, and when we see them so united we know the exact position of the harbor’s mouth.”

When we want to know God’s will, three things must always concur:  the inward impulse, the Word of God, and the trend of circumstances.”   [ Source – look for “Will of God”]

…I am praying that those three lights will all line up into one for both you and Brenda …

Aren’t those great thoughts?

– The Word of God
– The inward impulse (what our gut tells us)
– Circumstance (the details)

When they all line up, it’s time to move decisively. With confidence.
Carefully, precisely, wisely,  but with confidence.  God did this.

I’m hopeful.

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  1. barb wyler

    Awesome… You are blessed to have a mother who thinks with such Godly wisdom! I hope I’m that for my kids! It touched me…

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