Winter Melt-Down!

Two weeks ago we were under it. Two weeks ago it kept us home.

We pushed it, shoveled, piled and plowed it.  It took a lot of effort to keep life moving in spite of all that snow.

Yesterday and today the sun came out, the temps came up. Way up. We hit 72 today (YaY!)

Silently, agreeably, without a hint of resistance, most of it melted and went away.

The countryside I drove through this afternoon was was covered with a deep blanket of snow just a few days ago.  Today it’s a promising winter brown with hints of green rushing to show through.  

I thought to myself,  I love how the earth warms under the rays of the sun. I want my heart to respond that readily to the warmth of His word and His love. Always.


2 Replies to “Winter Melt-Down!”

  1. Jonell

    I liked how you wrote: “Today it’s a promising winter brown … ” now that’s optimism if I ever saw it. Only you would think of dirty snow and brown dirt as promising. 🙂 But it’s all in your outlook! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

    Yes, spring is just around the corner. Our 18″ of snow has packed and/or melted to just a couple inches. Our 60* temps on Tuesday prompted me to come back from lunch and say to the girl taking lunch next, “Promise me one thing … that you’ll come back after lunch.” She smiled and then I told her, “It is absolutely beautiful out there, and I’m just afraid you might forget to come back.” 🙂

    And Phil, I agree with you, I always want my heart to be sensitive to God’s warming and moving in my life.

    – Jonell

  2. Phil

    😆 It’s only promising once we get to March. Winter-brown two weeks before Christmas with a bleak forcast, no snow in sight, is anything but promising!

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