Why Do We Obey? (Why is Vital)

In a recent Bible study the question surfaced:  Is it important why we obey God’s Word? Or is it important that we obey?

We talked about it for a few minutes and I encouraged class members to think on the various aspects of that question.  I did my own assignment.

While driving this weekend I pondered it some more and then this morning created a graphic to help me remember my summary.


We are most-blessed when we live in alignment with God’s standards and directives.  When we obey thinking we will be blessed, however, we risk making God a genie whose lamp we rub when we want something special.  We’d never admit to that, but deep-down it’s pretty close.  Life is about us.

I wrestle with that.  Maybe you do too.  Why do I –why should I– obey His directives, walk by His principles?  Best answer:  Because I love Him.  So that if He chooses to bless me nothing in my life prevents Him from doing so.  It doesn’t make life easy, cushy or magic; not at all. But it is the best way to live.

I aliGn with God -capital G–  not so He will bless me, but so He can. Because I love Him.


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