What do you hold in your hands?

I remember the first time I heard the song, Moses. We hosted the Chorale from Grace College in Omaha, Nebraska one Sunday; I was the church’s Minister of Music. The chorale’s conductor and I got along great and the more I learned about him the more I found myself looking forward to the concert he and the Chorale would be giving in our sanctuary. It was a great room for choral music, nicely-live acoustically, but not too much.

This song was the last on the program and it took me by surprise – caught me off-guard. I was first impressed with the musical skill required to do this selection well, then with the storytelling ability of these 36 singers and one skilled accompanist at the piano! What focus, energy and emotion! When they came to the song’s conclusion I was moved. Everyone in the room was. Silence prevailed. It seemed inappropriate, somehow, to break the silence with applause. The conductor and I exchanged glances, silently agreeing to let the moment linger so God could finish the work He was doing in our hearts.

When the time finally came to thank the Chorale for their ministry with us the applause was loud – and long!

Here’s the song, performed by the composer, with full orchestra.

  • Press play
  • Turn it up if you won’t disturb anyone nearby
  • – let the song finish.
    (The video slips out of synch after a while; close your eyes and lose yourself in the song)
  • See if hearing it once is enough. (My guess is it won’t be.)
  • Above all, listen to see if God whispers anything to you while you listen:


What do you hold in your hands?

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