We Fight FROM a Victory, Not FOR One.

I remember the first time I heard Chip Bernhard say about the Christian life:

“We fight FROM a victory, not FOR one”

I’d heard others say “I read the end of the book – and we win”, “Go to the last chapter, we win.” etc. But saying it this way affects right here, right now.

We fight FROM a victory (Christ’s)
not FOR one (ours).

Fighting FROM a victory

  • when discouragement and uncertainty knock at life’s door,
  • hen temptation says “psst! over here!”,
  • when faith wonders if it should think more about the size of the waves than the words of the Savior.

Fighting FROM a victory, not for one, means I don’t have to wonder if it’s going in, it’s as good as a slam-dunk when God has the ball.

Fighting from a victory makes a huge difference. It makes it easier to stay the course when life pulls at us. At me, anyway. Knowing I am clean and pure before Him means a lot when life’s tentative the way it is here at our house right now. Ten days ago I received the phone call some of you have received. “We can’t afford to keep you – we’re letting you go.” I’ve faced the same mis-givings, doubts, fears, anger and frustration you have. And I’ve found that our Lord is just as stable now as He was the day before the call – as you will, if it ever happens to you. I keep hearing myself say “I’m with YOU, Lord, what should I do next? Anything?” Then sensing a nudge or reading a directive in His word, I inch forward at His direction.

“Nothing ever occurs to God” is more than a cliche. It’s the truth.

Because He’s never surprised by anything, He never leans forward on His throne in Heaven to look down here and wonder “Oh, NO! NOW what am I going to do?” Nothing ever occurs to Him. He knows. He’s never out of control.

Which means as a child of His, I still make Him smile when He looks in my direction (if I’m living obedient, that is, – which I am). I am still living in His favor, even though quite a bit of life around me is uncertain right now. To me, not to Him.

So I can be confident. Not presumptuous, but confident.
In Him.

I’ll admit, it feels a little strange, being “front-brain” like it is right now. I have to think about it to stay focused like He wants me to be. But it’s working, and it feels great! What’s more, I know I’m right with Him, and that’s a whole lot better than blaming Him for these circumstances and taking things into my own hands (which I’ve done in times previous – with poor, poor results).

Are you facing something bigger than yourself right now? Is part of life out of your hands completely?

Stick close to the Savior. He’s never out of control. He’s never panicked, He’s never lost any of His children; you and I aren’t going to be His first.

Listen for His whisper. “Ready? Now.” and obey right away. He expects us to. Living in His favor as obedient sons and daughters of His, we can move with confidence. His. And He has plenty. He’s already won. His is the victory from which we fight.

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