Watching for Steeples

I think I’ll watch for and notice church steeples this weekend.    We’ll be going through Northern Wisconsin, Upper and Lower Michigan; small towns, countryside and the city.  


Maybe I’ll see some like this old one: 

or the one I photographed the other night on the way home from a consultation,

or the one across the streeet from us.   

(see the Flickr thumbnails in the sidebar?) 



Why steeples?   I don’t know, really, I’ve just been noticing them lately. Greater Milwaukee has dozens of them, especially downtown. And I’ve observed that not many new churches have steeples  —  I’m wondering why that is.


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  1. storbakken

    Sounds like fun. I hope you get lots of good pics. Steeples remind me of minarets. Northern Wisconsin is beautiful, especially now that it’s getting nice. I did an archeology field school in Marinette when I was in college and had a great time. We found many arrowheads and fire-cracked rock. Have a great trip.

  2. Phil

    Thanks for the well-wishes; since I was travelling with others I didn’t think it a good idea to stop for every potentially picturesque steeple. I wouldn’t have made it home alive! 😀 It was interesting to note the variety in both structures and affiliations of the churches I did see. Some were very simple, just enough to set them apart from other nearby structures, some high and distinct, some ornate enough to turn my head so i could watch longer. It was fun to notice, no-doubt.


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