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That you’ve clicked this page tells me you’re thinking I might be able to help you. Thanks for exploring! The paragraphs that follow describe the basics of how you can benefit from our working together.

You’ll want to take a minute to explore my LinkedIn profile to see what people say who have worked with me.  The link opens in a separate window so you won’t lose your place here.

So what are the benefits of working with Phil Ransom?

  1. As a wordsmith I present your message clearly and attractively. When your message is clear, people understand. When it’s attractively presented, people remember, whether they read it, hear it, or watch you present it in person.  When an opportunity arises for some one to use what you’ve taught them I want your message right there, at the front of the line.
  2. I want to help you succeed, and I write to help you arrive at success points in business. Each time your business reaches a goal or objective,  it experiences success.  Effective communication reduces the number of misunderstandings and misfires on your way to those success points.
  3. New ways of looking at things and new approaches come naturally to me. I come up with more ideas for projects we work on than we can possibly use. When you pick one, I want you to know you’ve chosen the best from the mix.  When you or your staff temporarily run out of ideas or you can’t seem to get the idea mill going, I’ll help you regain your creative momentum.
  4. I study your past projects and writing so your letters, speeches, presentations, reports, brochures and proposals all ring true. You’re at your best when your presentations and speeches sound like you.  Written messages over your signature have credence when your favorite terms and expressions are there, and you’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing grammatical and logical principles are all A-okay.
  5. I take the time to learn your company’s objectives; to understand your management philosophy and style. Once I know them I can highlight those features to your advantage.
  6. I look at each project from a new reader’s perspective, clarifying and simplifying technical terms or jargon whenever I can so your message reaches people where they are.  They understand what you mean. They feel the emotions you feel. They act on what you tell them. Nothing’s lost to the I-don’t-get-it syndrome.
  7. I’m not satisfied until you are; I stay open and receptive to your perspective as we work through projects. I strive for excellence in every respect and I’m able to park my ideals next to reality.  You’ll appreciate my openness to you about my work.  I don’t take criticism personally; I use it to improve the end product.  Our working relationship is strengthened with each evaluation.
  8. I work well with people. When our aim is convey a message to others on the corporate ladder, I’ll help you present yourself with professional class to achieve the results you need.  When you want to encourage supporters to give liberally to a cause, I’ll help you explain the need, and the benefits of their becoming involved.  when your project includes media, my ability to understand printers, media techs and projection needs saves you time, energy and money. Your frustration with details is greatly diminished!

Those are reasons enough to pick up the phone and explore the potential, don’t you think? Perhaps after we’ve partnered on a project or two you’ll think of a couple more.

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