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When it comes to churches, Vibrance is the opposite of lack-luster. 

But it’s not glitz for the sake of an impression or the least bit flippant.  Worship is not a holy party-time.  It is often joyful without apology, but it goes far beyond exuberance.  Worship in the local church presents ongoing opportunity to become deeply rooted, fully alive, prayerful, thankful, generous, serving, spiritually reproductive.

“Very much alive.”  

That’s what vibrance is.  And there’s no way in the world you can limit it to an hour on Sunday morning. God would appreciate our living this way all week every week; so would your family and friends!

To that end, here are four facets of ministry we would enjoy exploring with you if it seems we can help.

Vibrance in worship ministry

  • We show local churches how to grow indigenous, lasting, vibrant worship ministries designed to nurture and disciple musicians and artists both now and into the future.

Vibrancy restored

  • We help couples who find themselves in crisis yet resolved to recover and rebuild.  Vibrancy restored is a divinely wonderful thing. It requires resolve, re-thinking and re-wiring, the establishment of new norms, but it’s a wonderful thing, and well worth whatever it takes!

Vibrant voices

  • We enoy encouraging the family of God through
    • seminars and workshops on worship and discipleship, practical Bible instruction, coaching to the end of 1 Timothy 1.5  (love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and sincere faith)
    • speaking and /or music for church retreats and banquets
    • voice-overs for church multimedia presentations
    • narrations written and /or read for concerts, musicals, cantatas, etc.

 Vibrant ink

  • We encourage, teach and challenge churches and families in print (this blog for example, Brenda has a touching article scheduled for publication in the May ’07 issue of a national magazine for ministry wives)
  • Copywriting and editing services

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  1. storbakken

    Thanks for this great post. You’re blogging to my very heart. It is so important to have a sincere and genuine zeal in the Lord. And to serve Him with vibrance. If we can’t serve Him with our entire life, we won’t be able to fully serve others either.

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