Vibrance Ministries – Introduction

After months of thought and prayer, conceptualizing and structuring, capturing notes and imagining scenarios, I’m happy to say the time has come for this ministry idea to hatch. If you’ve seen Happy Feet, you know the image playing in my mind as I write this.


Many small to mid-sized churches take music and worship ministry seriously but don’t have the resources to add a worship pastor to their pastoral staff. These ministries are led by people who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Theirs are good hearts and clear consciences. They’re active ministries led by volunteers or part-time paid lay-ministers who would appreciate clear, concise principles to use in long-term ministry. And if they could be affordable —or free— even better!In the near future I’ll begin posting articles intended to help church musicians and creatives. For the sake of discussions here, the word “creatives” will include everyone in your church utilizing music, the arts and technology to enhance meaningful worship in your fellowship. It can be a long list if you think about it a little while.

If you’ll check the blog tag Vibrance in Ministry on occasion you’ll discover articles to help you

  • disciple the musicians and other “artsy” servants God has given to your church
  • focus your efforts,
  • encourage prayer-powered ministry,
  • eliminate distractions,
  • by providing insightful questions for your ministry team to discuss,
  • keep the main thing the main thing,
  • build your ministry into the generation coming-up behind you,
  • bring honor to God through faithful living all day every day.

The Vibrance in Ministry category (tag) is already in place. Just click on that category once in a while to see what’s new. I promise you this at the outset: I will do my best to bring you useful, purposeful, ideas and methods to consider, point you to Scriptures to meditate on, and thought-provoking items you can print and bring to rehearsal to discuss with the people you’re ministering with. I’ve a ministry device taking shape as well, a means to work with your church specifically over several months helping you define the scope of your worship ministry, aligning who you are as a congregation with principles taken from the Word of God.

I’m excited about this (does it show?). Please pray with me that God uses this to encourage many.

Serving with excellence,


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