Tuesday’s Grateful Heart

…firmly rooted

…being built up in Him

…established in your faith

…overflowing with gratitude.

(from Col. 2.7)

  • I’m thankful for the color green. For trees meeting together and discussing when to leaf out. For grass that’s already decided it’s time. With 6 – 10 inches of WHITE in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow (honest!) I’m doubly thankful for green at the moment.
  • I’m thankful that God made it crystal clear – “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4.4.
  • I’m thankful for how faithfully my PDA (a Palm Tungsten W) has served me for nearly eight years. It went into ICU over the weekend and the prognosis was not good. I wonder how many times it has prompted me for meetings, rehearsals and writing deadlines, how many times it’s nagged me out from under the covers in the morning? After a bit of research —and a quite a bit more prayer than research— I followed the instructions for a “hard reset” (losing all my data on the PDA in so-doing). It opened its eyes and looked up at me. We connected a data IV and after several minutes of synchronization vital signs stabilized. I even have all my bookmarks in my PDA Bible intact! Lord, you saved me quite a few dollars just now – Thank you!
  • I’m thankful for my heritage. There are some great people, devoted followers in my family tree. I’m a fortunate man.
  • I’m thankful that both of our kids are walking with the Lord, dating people who love Him too.
  • Some I know work under intense scrutiny and supervision, I’m thankful I don’t have to contend with it in my setting.
  • I’m thankful for this thing called “WordPress” ever heard of it? 😉 I would say it’s cheaper than legal pads and note paper, but I go through a lot of those on my way here! I’m thankful for those who read here and now and then let me know something I said here strengthened and encouraged them in the faith or ministry endeavors.
  • Aren’t you glad we can laugh? I know some who were allegedly “baptised in pickle juice” but most of the Christians I know are joyful people, even in the midst of day-to-day trials and struggles. Thanks for laughter, Lord. Did you grin when you created the sea-horse?

  • One more -sorry if this is a little random- but I’m really thankful God gave the idea of the wheel to someone way back when, and that person did something with the concept. I can’t imagine life without the wheel, can you?

Ok – lunchtime. (Thankful for that too!)

2 Replies to “Tuesday’s Grateful Heart”

  1. Meagan

    I’m thankful for this thing called “wordpress” too–it has given me a chance to get to know someone that is several hours away from me. And since Jared told me about this site a few weeks ago, I have enjoyed so much following along with the new posts and catching up on old ones. It has been a blessing to be able to read your thoughts, especially the more recent ones. the words profound, enlightening, applicable, encouraging, challenging, and many others come to mind, and I am so glad the internet affords me an opportunity to access these thoughts of yours.

    Say hello to your lovely wife for me! I am so excited to see you two soon!
    Have a good Wednesday–Meagan

  2. Phil

    Hi Meagan ! SO glad you’ve been stopping by, thanks for your note!

    We can’t wait to see you guys either – looking forward to it BIG-time.

    I know the Junior year is packed in tight – like sardines (or is that like tunafish?) – but I’m flattered you’ve been stopping by here now and then. I hope the things you find here encourage you now and then.

    Anytime you or friends on campus want to chime in, add a thought, ask a question, introduce a new facet (or tangent) please feel free, OK? No grades, no projects here, just conversation.

    Tell Jared HeY for me – help keep him on-task. 😀

    See you soon!

    Phil —

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