Trying a New Theme (Layout)

While my content is unchanged, I am trying out WordPress’ newest theme. WordPress is great about continually introducing things we can use. I’m not easily impressed – but I am with WordPress.

  • I love visual imagery and appreciate good photography so I’ve been watching for a theme that allows images/pictures to be used in the header without the severe cropping many require. This one has a prominent picture at the top. I like that about it.
  • I like the vibrance of bright red and black. I chose black with red for my Senior Recital colors. (Woah, was that a long time ago!) I just hope it doesn’t detract from or clash with the subtle colors in a lot of the pictures I like. I guess we’ll find out.
  • Other things we’ll have to see about
    • Sidebar column widths really scrunch some of the entry titles, don’t they?
    • The search bar almost disappears (look again, it’s there).
    • If you mouse-over the dates in red on the calendar you can see the post titles for that day. That could come in handy.
    • In most of the themes I’ve used thus-far, a click anywhere in the header picture takes you to the top of everything. In this theme only the “Home” tab at the top does that.
    • When you type a comment in this theme, you type white on black – that could scare away commenters, ya’ think? (or am I just being a softee?)

I’m interested in how YOU like this theme – or things that annoy you about it. You’re my guests, I sure want you to be comfortable and keep coming back!

What do you think? Is this a good choice?

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  1. cade

    I think it’s cool, but clearly some of the columns aren’t the right width to fit your content. Might have to edit the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) a little. Other than that, SSSwweeett.

  2. Phil

    Hi, Cade, glad you like it! I’m a novice with CSS. If I buy the upgrade (it’s reasonable) will I be able to lessen the indents in my right-hand columns? I think that would help a lot!

    If I could change the color of the bright red header bar and font colors here from season to season that would be good too.

    What do you know about editing CSS that a would-be newbie might want to know?


  3. Jonell

    Cool look … I remember your recital … Will it make you feel old if I tell you I was a freshman in high school that year? 🙂

    This format allows a bigger picture at the top – which I like. However, the red ink on the black background is really difficult to read. When I was a church secretary, and did bulletin inserts in brightly colored paper, the older saints told me that black ink on red paper is hard for them to read. Just an observation for you to take into consideration. And it will take a bit of adjustment for me to type as I am now (a new comment) white letters on black background. But I can adjust.


  4. annkroeker

    I agree–I’m impressed with WordPress. One of these days I’m going to work with a designer to get a hosted website. For now, though, WordPress is meeting all of my needs (except if I start up a podcast, which is not high on my agenda. The free WordPress evidently can’t support that. There are probably ways around that, by linking to other websites). Anyway, I think it’s fun to mix things up. In fact, stay tuned and I plan to switch as well and import a new header.

  5. Phil

    As I drop in here off and on through the day, I’m finding there are several formatting things I liked better about the one we’ve been using. Thanks for your readability insight, Jonell, that’s important.

    Guess I need to consider just HOW important the picture at the top of the page is. We’ll see what others say. I can definitely say it’s not a firm decision to stay with this theme. I’m definitely “influence-able” 😀


  6. rindy

    I love color, but color is tough to handle on a screen flipping from site to site…or maybe it’s just my eyes getting old!! the site is cool though…

  7. Phil

    Was fun… thanks for your good words, everybody.
    As fun and as bright as the theme was, we’re going back to MistyLook.
    I’ll close the comments up.

    One of my favorite sayings from Dad came to mind as I decided:

    You can tell what a priority is by what it takes to bump one.

    I’ll mention the priority that won-out in the next post.
    Thanks again for speaking up. I truly appreciate it!

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