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If I could walk tomorrow’s path before it had begun,

I fear that it would be a walk too much for anyone.

My Father knew it would not do to run so far ahead

“Today’s troubles are sufficient,” Wisely He has said.

So Lord, I live in thankfulness for this day’s good supply,

And leave tomorrow in Your hands; Your grace will satisfy.

~~~ June Titus ~~~

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Quote for the day:

“Remember, God knows how much grace every trial needs.”


Matthew 6:25-34

2 Replies to “Tomorrow”

  1. Michael Sosnowski

    Phil, Sorry for this long message. I couldn’t find an email address on your blog. I saw your post on Ed’s web page. We share a similar blog theme. I am using an older version. In the 1.2 version you have are all the right side sections part of the theme – or did you add them? Could I do the same in the older version? I am new at this and struggling with getting the theme right. Any insight would be appreciated. BTW you blog looks great!

  2. Phil

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the compliment – this IS a wonderful theme and I’ve probably been with this one longer than any … so far 😀 Glad you spoke up.

    The things you see in the right hand side-bar (widgets) are all capable with the standard theme with the exception of the ClustrMap – it’s a special add-in.

    The picture width needed for a picture in the sidebar is 160 pixels. Once I figured that out, life got simpler and less -frustrating, believe me.
    The headings you see are simple re-namings of the standard widgets WordPress makes available in this theme.

    I change my header picture frequently so have a folder on my computer for Masthead Photos where I keep images that are at least 740 pixels across. Less than that and things begin to blur and lose their edge. WordPress asks you to crop the image for the header when you upload it and I’ve found that when I want to use a different portion of a picture I’ve used before it’s best to delete it from “Uploads” and reload it so the software does what I’m asking this time, not what I did last time.

    I’ll copy your email with this same information so we can follow up off to the side if we need to.

    You’ve got good taste in themes and I think you’ll like this one a lot!

    Phil —

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