Thursday’s Thankfulness

…firmly rooted…being built up in Him

…established in your faith

…overflowing with gratitude.

(from Col. 2.7)

I’m going to focus my gratitude today on three people; my wife and two children.   You can find a couple pictures in the family tab up above, and Christmas pictures in the collection on Flickr in the right side-bar. If I went into detail (I’m prone to do that)  I’d take up way too much space, and wouldn’t get anything else done today.  So this is a short list. 

Brenda – my wife of 29 years this June

  • Her steadiness and even-keeled approach to things, even when she’s worked up about something. (I do what I can to keep it from being me.  You know us men, we like our peace and quiet)
  • Her fervent love of the Word
  • Her ability to teach it well
  • Her love for and willingness to do just about anything for our kids.  Selfless as they come in that regard.
  • Her decorative eye –  currently it’s the simplicity of understated elegance from the Arts & Crafts Era (1880 – 1920)  the time in which our house was built)
  • She works routine to her advantage – and to her class of 4-yr-olds at the pre-school where she teaches and directs.
  • She enjoys our affectionate dogs,  “The Bookends” she calls them; when she watches TV they like to sit with her, one on either side.

Bethany (24) and Jared (21)

  • As different as North & South,  wet & dry in some ways,  so alike in others.
  • Appreciative – and vocal about it.    (Five years ago we parents were pretty-much idiots – amazing how much we’ve learned)  😉
  • Skilled and talented, they each use their skills and keep them honed to a competitor’s edge.
  • Laughter.  If they’re both in the room,  count on it.
  • Teachable.  When a guy’s kids are this age, dad is a consultant much of the time, and consultants have to be invited to share perspective.  Mine ask.  I’m grateful.
  • Ambition and desire to excel, giving God the glory for what He chooses to do through them.
  • Nothing’s sacred around them (‘cept God).  it has a way of keeping a dad honest and humble.

I could go on and on, fill this space with memories, dreams and prayers – but for now I’ll just say

“Thank you, Lord, for my three. Bless them today I pray.”


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