Things My Kids are Writing

Dad’s feelin’ GOOD about what his kids are up to these days!

Here‘s an article Bethany wrote for the Women’s Ministries newsletter at Spring Creek Church. Wish you could see the hard-copy. SO classy! Full-color, glossy stock. Excellent!

Here‘s something Jared penned after a couple weeks of life on campus this fall.  He’s a senior; how time flies.

When our kids are walking in the truth, it’s a special kind of joy parents enjoy.
(Having good communicators around like these two and their mom sure keeps ME honest as a writer!)

My heart is full this morning. Thanks, Lord, for blessings like these I’m enjoying today.

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  1. faithwalk

    You have a right to be proud of your kids Phil!
    There’s nothing more satisfying as a parent than seeing our children grow into adults who love and serve the Lord!

    Bless you,


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