The Sabbath-effect of This Year’s Thanksgiving

“Work six, rest one,” the Lord told His people

“Work the land six years, let it rest one.”

Every seven, give it a break.

You can look at the directive as a rule, or as a principle with man’s best interest in mind. This fall has been filled to overflowing with decisions, change, stress and pressure; all in a good way this time, but change, stress and pressure just the same.

Bethany and Karl’s wedding last weekend, just two days left in the Quality Lab, family growth and changes in how I relate to my now-adult children (I’m loving it, by the way), new opportunities coming into view for Brenda …

So I decided Thanksgiving would be sabbath-like for me.


Come to find out, Jared viewed the day the same way, and we compared notes. The day was a sabbath of sorts. Set apart. Time to think solely about God, and thank Him for blessings and privileges. Enjoy family. I not only let responsibilities stay on the sidelines for a few hours, I kept them on the bench for the day.

It surprised me a bit, but it took discipline for me. I had to intentionally NOT open my notebook and work on things. I had to tell myself “tomorrow” or “Monday, OK? Not today.” But it was good for me to slow down – intentionally. The holiday weekend is winding down and I’m grateful for it – and for its sabbath-like effect this year.

How about you… anything special about this Thanksgiving you’d care to share?

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  1. Jonell

    Sounds like just the rejuvination you needed, and it will last longer than a good cup of coffee! 🙂

    Our Thanksgiving was low key with my inlaws! And I did spend some intentional time thanking God for His many blessings on my behalf. The list was long, which made me wonder why we don’t do this every day? Do we really need a day off work to thank God for His blessings? I’m gonna make a concentrated effort to do it more often! God is so good to us!

    ~ Jonell

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