The Road of Life

Years ago, in Downers Grove, Illinois a member of the church we served and a mom of kids in our Christian school knocked on my office door. She had a gift for me, a framed calligraphed poem. She and her husband had carefully matched the matting and frame to the colors I used in my office and it looked grand. What’s more, it spoke to me, because the author, Tim Hansel, aptly described several phases of the Christian walk, with an encouraging theme: Keep on.

This week I remembered it again. Others need to hear this, I thought, so I recorded and produced Hansel’s poem, The Road of Life. For this version I used microphone and music instead of the pen & ink on parchment presented to me that day.

Bob and Manette, thank you for your generosity and prayerful “got your back” those days. Your encouragement then continues to urge me —and those I serve— to keep trusting,
and just pedal.

The Road of Life

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