The Name Vibrance

Vibrance” — Why that name?  I can almost hear you asking (Honestly, finding the word was harder than identifying the concepts vibrance describes.)

The flowers in my Wisconsin garden were beautiful again this year.  A bright flower tells us all a couple things right away.

“I’m alive!” it would say if it had the words. “My roots are bringing nutrients up from the soil, my leaves are doing the same with light and atmosphere. I’m healthy! Enjoy the beauty, Mister, there will be more of us next season.”

When I see a family who loves and respect each other, encourages and promotes, loves enough to correct (You’ve got a little piece of spinach in your teeth. Ooh- thanks!), enjoys being together,  it becomes apparent as I get to know them; this family is alive. Their relationships are dynamic. Healthy. Loving. They could probably even disagree about something important and still be fine with each other. Respect and honor see to it that it’s so. They know how to work and play well – together.

When I find a group of people who pray, study and worship together, help each other grow, serve others, encourage each other to be more loving and to do good work (more on that in Hebrews 10.19-25), I may have found a church – a healthy one. 

  • Those folks probably know who God is and understand what He likes. Or doesn’t.

  • They respond to Him in meaningful ways when they’re alone and when they gather.

  • They know what He approves of and what He hates (from spending time in the Book)

  • They know He expects them to be healthy and reproduce (like my flowers) to bring more hope, faith and love into a world that won’t admit what it needs.

  • They’re living out what they know of God.

  • It’s not a chore, it’s more than a creed they subscribe to — it’s what they do! It stems from Who they love! The first half of John 15 describes it best.

When I see those qualities in my family, the churches I work with –and in the mirror– I get excited! We need more of this! I love the sense of fulfillment that comes from living that way. I savor the quiet, often silent delight that comes from knowing “This is healthy! How alive! The world could use more of this, ya’ know?”

 There’s a word that reduces to two syllables everything I think and feel about these kinds of things. Vibrance: (n) It’s the noun form of vibrant (adj):   a. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity… a. Vigorous, lively, and vital…

So now you know. “Vibrance“. A two syllable noun that keeps me from rambling on and on about the good things that come from living obediently. I’m learning it, I’m enjoying it, and my wife and I are never happier than when God works through us to model, teach and mentor along these lines.

There’s more. Much more. But that’s it in two syllables.


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