The Key is in Your Pocket

Do you want your life to be one people remember in a positive light?

Do you hope people remember you as one who looked at what might be with hope and optimism?

Would you like to see what God is doing around you and say to a friend “Look what GoD just did!”  and thank Him for it?

Would you like your ministry to be more than you could ever accomplish on your own?

Would you like to see God’s influence and provision in abundance? More than you dared to imagine at first, but here it is?

Do you like the idea of knowing where to send the credit when people compliment you on a job well done (even though it really wasn’t all you)?

Would you like to see money, time and skill go further than you thought were possible?

You hold the key.  It’s in your pocket:

Regard prayer as your first resource.
Ask. Seek. Knock.
It’s that simple.

Lift the key out of your pocket and put it to use.
God intended for us to use it.

Selah —  think about it.


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