The Joys of Adult Children

Lately I’ve been experiencing the dad-side of the relationship that parallels the relation God wants to enjoy with us as adult children (you’ll find the concept sprinkled through the Word).

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in at Bethany’s clinic to pick something up; she had no clients at the moment so we talked for twenty minutes or so, about whatever came to mind. Her day, her plans, her wedding in November, God’s obvious blessing on her life. Wonderful!

Last night Jared came up onto the deck, dropped his backpack next to the grille and sat down. What followed was a good long talk about life and ministry.

I’m loving this parent-of-adult-children stage of life. Lovin’ it a lot. I agree with John when he said “I have no greater joy than to hear (and may I add “see”) that my children are walking in the truth. (3 John 1.4)

I’m getting a glimpse of how the Father must enjoy when we, His children, settle into a comfortable chair and take up His time, telling Him all about whatever it is. Confide in Him. Ask His perspective, weigh His words carefully. Think things through aloud with Him listening in. Let Him influence our thinking. He loves us.  He created man to have someone outside Himself to commune with and one of the first things He did after creating Adam and Eve was to invite them to walk with him each evening.  I can see why.

Lord, I love the times when I commune with You – thanks for giving me a taste of how it must feel from your vantage point.

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  1. Phil

    Great to see you again, Shar; it’s a chock-full summer, isn’t it?

    I’m enjoying your blog. Ministry families can be “WUNNERFUL”!


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