The Best Music – Where?

There was a day when to hear the world’s best music you went to church. Hundreds of works originally written for public worship are now enjoyed by general audiences as part of classical repertoire. Over time and for a myriad of reasons, quality musicians began performing, writing and arranging elsewhere. We won’t go into that here, there’s plenty been written about it already.

I’m thinking today about things we Christian artists began to say in the late 70s, thoughts that continue to surface in serious discussions. They’re thoughts along these lines:

It’s about time the church regain its reputation for being the place to hear music of the highest quality. Our Audience of One has perfect pitch, after all. Excellence is one of His virtues. He expects it and delights when His children bring it to Him. Enough “hokey”; let’s become again what we once were and what God would want us to be.

How do you think we’re doing? I’m thinking about more than style and genre; about more than music. I’m thinking about the church’s use of the arts in all its forms to honor God. I’m thinking about quality. Excellence. Skill. The reflection of all God is in the way we write, arrange, sing, play, act, paint, film, photograph, stream —you name it— for Him or on His behalf.

David said “Play skillfully” (Ps 33.3). How’re we doing as the church in general? How’s your church doing? We’d love to hear what you’re thinking; what your church is doing . . .


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