Students Are Great!

“If you want to stay young, hang out with young people.
If you want to die young, try to keep up.”

I don’t remember where I heard that first, but I’ve claimed it as one of my little life-axioms.   I love being around students, especially high-schoolers and collegians.  There’s something about their learn-it-and-use-it outlook that I really like.  Their enthusiasm. Their quick and ready laughter. Their slightly irreverent, sometimes quirky perspective that keeps me fresh – and on my toes.

With summer concluding, our students are getting back in the groove and college students are returning.  It’s great to see them again, and it’s great to welcome freshmen who will call Calvary home this school year.

If you’re one of “ours” for the year, I want you to know, we’ll put you to work as much as we can here at Calvary Memorial, hopefully without impairing your GPA.  We’ll enjoy your enthusiasm.  We welcome your insights and the in-class questions that urge us on to even deeper thinking.

Students, you’re great!
I’m looking forward to another year of enjoying you company without having to keep up, necessarily.   😀

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