Strong on whose behalf?

You’ve perhaps seen the encouraging words tucked in between the layers of a rebuke in 2 Chronicles 16.9:

The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.  That’s encouraging if you take it all by itself, but the prophet went on to tell King Asa he’d been a fool and could count on being at war from here on out. (Not-so-nice.)

I’ve thought often and long about the first part of that verse.

The WHOLE earth? Really? Even my little town?

Apparently so.

Strengthen ME?

If I fit the description, I guess so.

Love when that happens!!

Fully committed. (I’ve written about that here).

It’s easy to say, easy to aspire to, but difficult to maintain/sustain unless I say “Lord, I can’t. You live through me.” On those days it works.

This week I read a few lines about the verse that went like this:

We’ve seen enough of what men can do for God.

We need to see more of what God can do through men.

God is not waiting to show us strong in His behalf, but Himself strong on our behalf.

Very true. I had to agree.

So let me think about this a sec.

If my heart is fully committed to Him, (yours too)
And He’s looking for me … His watchful eye finds me (or you – both even)  …  and He shows Himself strong – what HE can do … now THAT would be amazing! Not only that, it would bring Him GREAT honor!
Selah —

Lord, my “Strong on Your behalf” is puny at best. I’m done trying to impress You with my skills and abilities.  I mean – You gave me my talents and abilities after all. How can I even think I’m going to impress You?! (how naive!)  I’ll focus on dying to self every day –even more often if I need to– so You are in full control and my heart is fully committed to You.

I’m going to take You at Your word and let You move through me however You want, as long as You want, as strong as You want.  I’d like to be an example of what happens when God works through a man.

Andrew Murray said “God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him.”   

D.L. Moody said “By the grace of God I will be that man.” And his life is truly noteworthy.

I say, “Me too!  I’ll focus on the ‘wholly yielded/fully committed’ part so You can do what You wish, Lord, and leave the rest to You!”


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