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I heard a Bible College instructor say one morning a few years ago that it’s frustrating sometimes — the best of intentions and selfish ambition can exist in the human heart at one and the same time.  He gave an example:

“I can prepare and teach y’all this morning (he’s from Alabama, so he says “y’all” just right) hoping what we learn together will make you stronger and more effective. At the same exact moment I can hope I do such a good job that I’m regarded as one of our church’s best teachers – maybe THE best.   And the latter misses the mark”

He had some good thoughts on how to prevent the mixture of good and selfish that day.  I talked with him briefly a little later; his was good insight.

Today I read a short article, just as honest, just as helpful.  When a teacher or pastor’s heart is pursuing hard after God, the less time elapses between sin and confession/forgiveness the better.

Read it and see what you think.

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I believe this author has identified a real and present risk.  Additionally, he’s identified a handful of ways to prevent enemy sniper-fire from taking one out while teaching or preaching.  These principles work in class, in the pulpit, leading worship, moderating a church meeting –  Good stuff!

Selah – (think about it)


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  1. Chuck

    Yes, that is convicting…. very real in many walks of life and in many circumstances. I’ve never been a pastor, but the convergence of best of intentions and selfish ambition is a dilemma I know too well.

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