Some Heartening Words

The apostle Paul used imagery from the farmer, the athlete and the soldier to illustrate how life and community ought to work, particularly amongst believers. I love hearing about when things go right, don’t you?

I’m sure there are many stories that should be told but aren’t. I stumbled on one of those today. It’s easy to grow cynical when we hear so much of athletes being arrested for everything imaginable, of medals being forfeited for non-compliance, inexcusable behavior being excused, and too many memories of “I’m no role-model” thinking.

But I smiled my way all the way through this post by a young athlete.

Not a Team But a Family

Little league volunteers, Coaches and assistants, Athletic trainers who know and love the Lord, Soccer moms, Teachers and family-members you make a difference. A HUGE difference. Shine for Him!  Thanks, Tim, for the great words! What an encouragement.


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