Should We Upgrade Our Media Computer to VISTA?

With the introduction of Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system, the question naturally follows,  “Should we upgrade?”

 Short answer –  “Not yet.”

When you selected the computer to drive the graphics and images for your church you chose a machine capable of handling the software you’d selected.  As of this writing (Mid-April, 2007)  software programs like Easy Worship, MediaShout, Live Worship, Sunday Plus etc. are in various stages of preparing Vista-compatible updates — but not yet.

Remember that when your machine chokes in the middle of a service, everyone notices, worship and teaching/preaching are interrupted, and everyone stops to turn and look at the poor soul in the booth.   When you upgrade you want to be absolutely sure everything will run smoothly.   I say “not yet”  for that reason if no other!

Be patient.  Remember how long it took everybody to transition from Win-98 to XP  or Win2000?   That’ll give you a few hints about how long this transition might take.

Of course, new Mac computers are capable of running windows…  that adds another dynamic to consider.

Hang tight a while longer, frequently clear your computer’s cache and run defrag after church every Sunday while you’re putting mics and cables away.  In so doing your machine won’t have to dig through files scattered everywhere when you need it to be quick about it.  You’ll be fine. 

2 Replies to “Should We Upgrade Our Media Computer to VISTA?”

  1. expreacherman


    You are right! Wait!

    I have been involved with Microsoft products since the advent of the original Windows OS. Most transitions are fairly easy and transparent — but Vista is another animal.

    My daughter’s computer went South (I believe last October) just when all manufacturers switched, all at once, from XP to Vista. She was forced to buy a computer with Vista. She is still having problems with the “features” in Vista.

    Many have written about the problems with Vista and compatibility. Vista may eventually be OK but it is slow.

    A good source for info on Vista problems and pleasures is (Spelled with a K).

    As you say, in any production environment, be verrrrry, verrrrry sure.

    If my CPU died today I would buy a system with Vista (no choice). But I would consider a reformat of the drive and re-install everything from my backup. (We do backups!!)

    Salvation is perfect and eternal, Microsoft and hard drives are not.

    In Christ eternally,


  2. Phil

    As appealling as new technology sometimes is, we need to remember that glitches, hang-ups and system freezes are huge distractions and impede corporate worship.

    – and that patience is still a virtue.

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