I once heard a definition for Servanthood as “Doing something for somebody else … the way THEY would like it done.”
Just recently I thought about one of the first times I remember seeing servanthood in action. It happened when our family of five was visiting my Grandpa and Grandma a couple states away.
When my Grandpa was young and working on the farm, he lost his right arm just below the elbow in a corn picker. Sometimes he wore his hook, but many times he just folded his long sleeved
shirt over the end and put a loose rubberband around his elbow joint to hold his shirt sleeve in place and went about his day as normal as possible. As a small child I remember visiting their house. As part of breakfast Grandma served a half of a grapefruit in a bowl. There was one at each place setting. She took the time to cut around each section so that we were able to eat it easily by sliding our spoon under the section of grapefruit and popping it in our mouth for that first bite of sour fruit. After the first bite it wasn’t sour anymore. What I remember most is that Grandma would take extra time on Grandpa’s bowl of grapefruit, and she would not only cut around the sections like she did for everyone else, she would also take the sections out of the rind and place it all in a bowl, making it easier for him to eat. She did it for him because she loved him and wanted to make his life easier in whatever way she could. My Grandma’s servanthood was a silent one. I’m sure she did much more for him, that I never knew about, but it was never done with pomp or fanfare. Grandma made it as easy for him as possible, doing those little tasks that would be difficult with just one hand.  Although my Grandma is in heaven now, I’m thankful for her unselfish example of being a servant … in the middle of every day life … and doing it for her husband … and her Lord.

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