We’re off to the North country for a couple of days! 

Love it up there (North of Green Bay, WI)

  • Peace & Quiet
  • Home-cookin’
  • Wide open spaces
  • No internet, and the phone’s never for me. 

I’m taking my pen, my Bible, and Fan the Flame.


Sherrif Taylor said he’d have Barney look after the place,

and you know Barney!


See ya’ll Monday –

8 Replies to “Rest!”

  1. R-E-D

    HAVE FUN! 🙂 God bless you, be safe!
    And thanks for writing consistently on Proverbs. I’m not writing much on Proverbs anymore but reading, and loving your thoughts.


  2. Phil

    Thanks Diana –

    Glad you’re enjoying. The Lord would probably rather we read and do than write about anyway, hmm? 😀

    I’ll catch up on your new start next week.

  3. Jonell

    I’m sure everything will be safe under Barney Fife’s watchful eye! 🙂 If not, I’m sure his explanation will be a memorable one. 🙂

    Have a relaxing weekend!

    ~ Jonell

  4. Phil

    Thanks, Everyone!

    It was a peaceful couple of days for sure!
    Everything was intact and secure when we returned – Thank you, Barney 😉

    This week is off to a sprint of a start!


  5. Grits n' Grace

    Hi Phil,

    New to your blog. I’m a musician/songwriter myself, so I know I’ll be back often. Besides,
    anyone who likes The Mayberry gang is certainly cut from the finest cloth! 😉


  6. Phil

    Hi David,

    Welcome! Pull up a chair and enjoy. If you’ve not clicked on C’mon In up above be sure to do that; I think you’ll like the uplifting nature of things here as community grows.


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