Ready for Spring

I heard geese overhead this morning. They were “talking” about something (aren’t they always??) as they flew NORTH!

Yes, North! Do you know what that means here in the North?

I am SO ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring

I imagined hearing from the owner of this tiny little nest in the maple tree we planted in our front yard two years ago. I didn’t even know the nest was there until the leaves all fell away and revealled its whereabouts last Fall. For tiny little birds it must feel like a new house in a new subdivision.

“Would you open the windows and let the place air out a bit since it’s so nice up there today? We’ll be back when the snow is all gone, but the missus loves that fresh and clean air about things. Would you mind terribly, since you’re right there? Thank you so much. H. M. Ingbird.”

Of course I obliged.

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  1. Jonell

    I saw 9 geese this morning flying northeast! 🙂 Yipee! Spring is coming … and today’s 60* forecasted for Michigan is a plus!

    And I also saw 2 geese flying south and thought to myself, “Are you lost?” But maybe they just needed to find that food spot or that open water and then they’d head back north again. We do a lot of back tracking for things we need or forgot. Maybe geese are the same?

    Either way … spring is coming!!! We’ll soon enjoy warm sunshine, the garden soil sifting through our fingers, songbirds at our birdfeeders again, flowers in bloom and all of God’s creation waking up after a long cold winter.

    Great Is Thy Faithfulness!


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