Psalm 119

I avoided Psalm 119 as a kid. “It’s too long!”
But it’s rich.  I love it now.

Our church is in a summer series on Psalms and last Sunday we were in Psalm 119 again. I’ve been reflecting on it this week, reading in an old Bible of mine, enjoying the notes and underlined sections from previous meanderings through this Psalm.  This time through I’m noticing how often he says “Teach me Thy statutes!”  I feel the same as the author; constantly learning – always needing to.

I began to note how many reasons for needing to know His statutes, looking at things in a devotional, non-analytical way.  Impressive and comprehensive reasons!

  • I’ll not be ashamed when I look on your commandments.
  • I will give thanks with uprightness of heart.
  • They (your testimonies) are my counselors.
  • I’ll understand they way of your precepts.
  • I will be strengthened
  • I’ll observe your ways to the end.
  • I’ll observe your law and keep it with all my heart
  • I’ll be revived.
  • I will walk at liberty

and that’s just in the first third of the psalm…  How rich!

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