Proverbs 5

Just DON’T, OK? 

I don’t want to say “I told you.”   Not ever.


Sin never reveals its final cost.  If it did, the Christian would know and it would be no contest.

Oswald Chambers – My Utmost for His Highest

(September or October, I think) 



Solomon, writing to his sons ( vv 1,7) –and every male thereafter who would take the time to read– says:


Pay Attention!

Listen up!

You want discretion and knowledge?  Listen to my wisdom and insight. 

You don’t have to experience something to know the truth about it. 

Heads up.

In verse 1 it’s “Dad’s” lips speaking,

in verse 2 the wise son’s lips preserve knowledge,

in verse 3 lips that begin smooth and sweet end bitter and sharp.

There’s nothing in chapter 5 that indicates Solomon is talking about a prostitute. 
He mentions her in chapter 6, and the scenario he paints in chapter 7  certainly has that tone, but there’s nothing here to indicate that the woman in Chapter 5 is “one of those”. 
This applies simply to falling for someone you shouldn’t.   Period.



It’s a huge contrast between the costs of adultery and the rewards of faithfulness.  Why embrace someone else’s wife?  (v 20)


Losses Rewards
9 You’ll give your best to others  
10 Strangers will feast on your wealthYour work will enrich someone else’s house (the courts today make sure of it)  
11 You’ll groan at the end of it  
12-13 You’ll kick yourself for hating discipline and correction, for not listening and obeying  
14 I’ve come to ruin right here where everybody can see.  
15-17   DRINK FREELY from your own supply (your own wife)
18   REJOICE  in the wife of your youth
    SATISFIED  with her –  CAPTIVATED by her
23 Ensnared – held by sin – death  



Ok, for the sake of argument, let’s suppose you do.  Let’s compare this short-term pleasure with Exodus 20:   

You shall have no other gods before Me.

–  She’s more important than what I’m telling you?   Guilty.

No Idols.  I am the LORD your God.

–  You worshipped her, didn’t you?  Ever say “I adore you?” Look longingly at her?  Guilty.

You shall not mis-use the name of the Lord your God.

–  Don’t tell me you didn’t say My name in the heat of passion.  I heard you. You mis-represented me, and I am a jealous God.  Guilty.

Keep the Sabbath day holy.

–  (Okay, you might have — the day — but what about you?!)

Honor your father and mother.

–  By disobeying?  Not a chance.  Guilty.

You shall not murder.

–  Maybe not you – not yet- but King David did, TV and the courts are full of these stories.  If you haven’t, you’re capable of it.  Don’t be so smug.

You shall not commit adultery.

–  Guilty.

You shall not steal. 

–  Is she your wife?    If not someone’s wife already, someone’s future wife.  Guilty.

You shall not give false testimony…

–  If you haven’t already, you will when you’re discovered – and you will be (Numbers 32.23).  Lies pile on top of lies when the pre-repentance pressure is on.  Guilty.

You shall not covet…

–  Let me guess; this is where it started!   Guilty.

You’re eight for ten here, Pal.  Maybe worse.

Just DON’T.  OK? 
I don’t want to say “I told you so.”  Not ever.

Just don’t.


—For more on how temptation works, study James 1:14-15 carefully—


 This way to Proverbs 6


PS.  If you’re already out there,  come back.  

If you and God are strangers, maybe enemies, I’d like to introduce you.   He’s eager to make a new start for you; hang His sign “Under NEW Management” in your front window and make all things new – on His terms.

If you’re a child of His but living life your way let me remind you it’s short-term-pleasure, long-term-debt.  The Lord’s love has not faded or evaporated – not even a little.  He is willing and ready to bring you in, cleanse, forgive, and begin remaking and restoring you.  The peace of knowing you’re right with God again is more-than-worth the consequences ahead.  He’ll walk with you through the valley of what seems like death at times and out into the sunshine on the other side.  He will not leave you –  He will not forsake you.   Turn your face in His direction and cry out to Him; He’s already listening for you.  He’s already looking to see your silhouette on the horizon.  (See Luke 15.15-31)  Come home. 

Need help?  Contact me; I’ll do whatever I can.  

6 Replies to “Proverbs 5”

  1. diana

    You shall have no other gods before Me.

    – She’s more important than what I’m telling you? Guilty.

    ——-This is like “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind…” love something else? Considering ‘putting aside’ God’s love for a moment to enjoy some other desire? Guilty guilty guilty.

    I don’t know about everybody else but I’m so glad we’re reading this whole book and not just bits and pieces. Reading detailedly (new word yeah) into each chapter and reflecting on different passages and learning from each other, I can really see all these chapters connecting to one another, forming one solid block of “The Wisdom Volumes” in Solomon’s Library.

    What I’m reading here (Proverbs 5 + your notes) is helping me connect and revise Proverbs 1-4, and you have already indicated a sortof continued theme for the next two chapters (you read ahead! good for you lol) I’m really excited to see where the rest of the reading goes.


  2. Jonell

    You wrote in your chart for verses 15-17:

    “DRINK FREELY from your own supply (your own wife).” I’ve heard this described as “Drink freely from your own well.” Ever since I had our previous pastor bring that out in a message, I’ve loved that verse. If I am doing my part to be the right kind of person and the right kind of mate, if I do my part to work toward a strong marriage at home, if I pray for my husband, and communicate with him, then I am content at home, and it’s fun to go there at night after work. My husband said in his Sunday School yesterday that when he gets out of work the first place he wants to go is home. That made me smile inside knowing that he wants to come be with me, not only b/c he loves me, but b/c he likes me. It’s nice to know he likes the taste of the drinking water from the well at home! :-))

  3. Sharla

    I love the body of Christ and am compelled to think of it even more today as I read your post, Diana’s, and Donna’s. I linked the passage below that is the source of my reflection 1 Cor. 12. Truth & wisdom does happen in community and we all add to each other. My understanding and perspective has grown in just listening and reflecting on the passage and through the eyes of your words.

    Thanks….and 26 days more to glean. I like this journey-

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