Proverbs 3

Proverbs 3 Diagram

A group of us are reading through Proverbs this month, sharing our perspectives and observations as we go.

I “mapped” my observations today – my brain thinks this way much more often than in outline form.

But my handwriting can be difficult to read, so I took it to PowerPoint and recreated my scribbling and diagraming, then saved it as a picture.

See what you think. (Yes, you have permission to print and use it – it’s to share)


At the Photo-site, click on the icon to show various sizes and pick the largest; you should be able to read the diagram easily.

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  1. Sharla

    Phil, this is great! I think a lot and learn in visuals. Thanks for leaving it for anyone to use and ponder on.

    This Proverbs study has been so wonderful and we are only on chapter three.

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