Proverbs 2

There’s good reason to refer to the Scriptures as “the Living Word”, isn’t there? It’s fresh each time we revisit.

Today the Lord impressed two things on me.
1) Cause & Effect.
     IF –> THEN.
     Actions –>Results.

2) The stark contrast of God’s character vs. the lack thereof in the wicked men.

I found myself listing them today. (The IF would make a great to-do list!)

-accept His words
-store up His commands (learn & memorize)
-turn my ear to His wisdom (to really hear)
-call out for insight
-cry aloud for understanding (more than mere wishful thinking)
-look for it (seriously – like for precious metals)
-search for it (turn things over, look underneath & behind)


(results of the IFs)
-I’ll understand the fear of the LORD (cf. Pr. 1)
-I’ll find the knowledge of God
-I’ll understand what is right and just and fair
-I’ll have wisdom inside me
-Knowledge will bring pleasantness (great thought!)
-I’ll be protected by discretion (imagine that!)
-I’ll be guarded by understanding
-Wisdom will save me from the ways of wicked men
-Will live in the land and remain in it. (intended for the nation of Israel but parallels are easy to find for today)


descriptions of God’s character & track record as supporting evidence of IF –> THEN
-the Lord gives wisdom
-He speaks knowledge & understanding
-has victory already in waiting (in store / in stock) for the upright
-He shields the blameless (shoot, he IS the sheild!)
-He guards the course of the just
-He protects the way of His faithful


things to remember about the alternative
-perverse words
-on dark and crooked paths
-off the straight paths
-delight in doing wrong
-rejoice in evil’s perverseness
-are devious
-ignoring promises and covenants, has left her mate
-downward paths … to death
-dangerous! No return.
-cut off from the land – torn from it (specific applications for Israel again, with direct implication for believers of all time.)

I pictured King Solomon writing these on and old-fashioned blackboard with pure white chalk, all capital letters, then turning around, and after a long, quietening pause while he looked at us with gentle but authoritative eyes, I imagined him asking, “Any Questions?”

There were none; a hush had fallen over the room, my heart included.


[ on to chapter 3 ]

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