Proverbs 12

The contrast – Day 3

When a person reads Proverbs often, it’s easy to remember things one has seen before – and that’s good. I looked for NEW things today, things that apply to life in my world right about now. Today I found three.

A man will be praised according to his insight,

But one of perverse mind will be despised. vs. 8

I might be inclined sometimes to think this world despises insight (television sure makes a person think so!) but the Lord doesn’t care about Nielsen ratings or advertising receipts. HE will praise and HE will despise – so will many who follow in His ways.  I should appeal to that audience.

There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword,

But the tongue of the wise brings healing vs. 18

I’ve seen these sword-tongues in action. Dangerous!! I hope my words are always from the last half of this couplet, never the first half.

Anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down,

But a good word makes it glad. vs. 25

I was the recipient of some good words Saturday afternoon. The people I had worked with all day long appreciated my efforts, the skills and encouragement I brought to the day, and the willingness to stay until we finished the day’s project. Solomon’s right – it did my heart glad!

There’s more in these Proverbs, much more. What do you see?


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