Proverbs 10

10:1 The Proverbs of Solomon

That sounds like the beginning of something! Haven’t we been reading the proverbs of Solomon for a week and a half already?

We have. (I paged back to see if there was another author, like there is for Proverbs 30 and 31. No, Solomon wrote everything we’ve read so far.)

The reason for the “new” heading at the beginning of Chapter 10 is this. The forthcoming section (chapters 10 – 15) is a collection of couplets, the majority of them contrasting couplets, showing the differences between righteousness and unrighteousness, wisdom and folly, good and bad.

For the next five days it’s going to be black and white, up or down, left or right, light or dark, sun or shadow as we see ourselves in the mirror.


Today’s chapter, Proverbs 10, I’m noting verses 7, 17 and 27 (Interesting the 7’s… oh-well.) and will think on them while I drive this morning. I’m on the road much of today.

I hope that by fearing God I’ll walk life’s path a long, long time,

heeding the words of  those who would help me learn,

my life becomes a source of happiness and blessedness when I’m remembered

by those who follow me in life, my children and others.

It’ll take intentionality, a special kind of stubborness, almost,

but I think I have plenty of that. 😀


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