Proverbs 1

Several of us are reading through Proverbs this month and sharing our observations and insights as we go.  

I first heard about the concept of reading the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds with the day of the month from Billy Graham when I was an early teen.  It made a difference.  It was on that first trip through the book that Proverbs 21.23 stood up off the page to me and changed the way I’d been talking.   I’m going to learn new things this trip through the book, I’m sure of it.  The Word of God lives! 

I’ll tag my entries with Proverbs (and other things if they apply) so you can click “Proverbs” and catch all I’ve written so far.  I’m looking forward to reading how the Lord impresses different aspects of this book on different people as we progress.


Proverbs 1 

 The last portion of this chapter (20-33) sat me up straight this morning. I wonder if wisdom is thinking this way about society right now? I think she probably is. We’ve created our own dilemmas by ignoring wisdom, haven’t we? (particularly in this country, many of us in our own homes). Whoo-boy, we need to learn & re-learn some things!

Bring it on, Solomon, we need to hear what you have to say!

I’m printing today’s chapter so I can have it in view today as I work around here, but these are my first-pass thoughts.


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