It’s a perennial question, I think, evident at all stages of life to some extent:
How do I keep the main thing the main thing?

Dad used to say:
You can tell a lot about a priority by noting what it takes to bump one.

Vibrance readers would appreciate hearing what helps you keep important things at the front of the line.
Think personally, as a family, and in ministry and share what works for you.
Your observation or technique may help someone facing the challenge of keeping priorities straight.
If you’re up against it right now, and things are going crazy on you, take what you read in the comments that follow and put them to good use – it’s on us!





2 Replies to “Priorities”

  1. Rindy Walton

    This is something I have really been focusing on in my life as it easily gets filled with so much “stuff”. The word that I keep coming to is “intentional”–being intentional about making the priorities the priority.

    Scheduling those things in, looking at what takes all the time (both in thinking and doing), and sticking with it. Scheduling in family time, God time, me time, work time, and do nothing time–writing it down, planning it out, and being intentional.

  2. Phil

    “intentional” is a great word, Rindy, especially when we apply it the way you are!

    I remember when I first started scheduling family time. Brenda wasn’t all that thrilled. “Oh, nice. I made it onto your Daytimer.” But after a while it became apparent that she was first in that way, things weren’t taking her place just-because, and it began to mean more.

    I think God likes it as much or more when we say “This is YOUR time -my time with You time- and nothing’s going to interfere.”

    Another benefit to prioritizing and scheduling to that end is that play time can be SO fun, no worries of “I really should be doing something else” – cuz the important stuff is either already done or scheduled for completion in the near future.

    So easy to write, so hard to do, sometimes, but it works!


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