Prayer – (This is worth your time)

I’ve been thinking and blogging quite a bit lately about one of our most under-utilized resources in the Christian life —  prayer.

If you have trusted Christ as your redeemer, the one who paid the price so you can enjoy a restored relationship with Him –not just someday in Heaven, but right here, right now–  you know about this thing called prayer, but may not have maximized its use in life yet.   If you’ve not settled your eternity question once for all, if you don’t know for sure your sins are forgiven, there’s concise, easy-to-understand help along those lines here.

We’re “so stinkin’ independent”, some of us, that we don’t feel the need to pray.

Others of us aren’t sure praying to a sovereign God could make any difference at all – so why bother, right?

All of us wonder now and then what our lives might be like if we prayed the way our Heavenly Father would like us to; what we’re missing out on.

In his series on getting back to basics at the beginning of this year, Pastor Chip Bernhard’s thoughts and on prayer encouraged me.  Big-time.   I’m on the right track (thankfully) and Chip’s thoughts urged me forward.  I don’t do this often but I’d like to point you to where you can hear his thoughts for yourself.    

If you have time you can watch or listen now (plug in your headphones if you want to hear clearly and distinctly in a noisy room).  Or you can download the audio to your i-pod and listen as you move through the day.

Just don’t leave the things God wants to deliver to you sitting on Heaven’s shipping dock because you didn’t ask.   Please. 

Here’s the link to the video stream – look for January 21st.

Here’s the link to the audio (message only).   This is worth your time.

Joyfully in Christ,

  Phil —

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