Phil 1.9-11- RRR

Test –
Phil 1.9-11 -RRR
Phil 1.9-11-RRR.pdf

This is a test to see if scanned-to-PDF documents do well here.
Our office manager discovered how to scan to PDF with our copier, and it has a document feeder on it, so if this fares well, it is now possible to scan my Dad’s and Grandpa’s notes, and make them available to family members and close friends who would appreciate access to them.  (You would need the appropriate password if we did that here or on a dedicated blog).

This blog may not be the best way to do this, hence this test.


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  1. Shirley Weaver

    Thanks, Phil, for making this sermon outline available online. I decided to check your Vibrance page this morning. Reading through this outline brought back many memories and reminded me why I learned so much listening to your Dad over the years. This was like reading a “Morning Devotional.” …..Mom

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