Out of Nowhere – (October 12th)

Our Life Group begins an eight-week look at the life of Elijah
beginning Sunday October 12th

If you’d like to do a little pre-course work getting ready for Sunday, Read 1 Kings 17 1-7 (or through to 16 if you’re on a roll).  Read a little, think a lot. We’ll spend most of our time on verses 1 – 7.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Where is Tishbe?  Elijah was called  “Elijah the Tishbite” but where is Tishbe?  Anywhere near Hackensack?

  • Where did Ahab & Jezebel live?  There were two capital cities in these days, Israel had a capital, as did Judah.  Which did they live in?

  • Did they have cable?  What was life like in their day?

Elijah appeared out of nowhere (as far as King Ahab was concerned), announced “No More Rain” and promptly disappeared.  What do you think that did for his credibility on Capital Hill?  Where did Elijah go?


The rest we’ll discuss in class.

I’ll post more content here after Sunday’s session so we can continue our discussion even after class is over. WordPress does require an e-mail address to post but it’s never circulated or distributed; just makes sure you are you 😀

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  1. Phil

    I thought Jim’s point in class was excellent, that the ravens could have been just as adept at finding fresh bread cooling on window sills and freshly cooked meat waiting to be served – as the road-kill I described (to which Brenda commented “I hope he had a fire!)

    If God took care of Elijah, and He did, it would have been things that were good for him not things that jeopardized his health.

    “Food” for thought.

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