Our Loss – Heaven’s Chuckle

Can you think of a better way to go than to have things go black due to a stroke and step on Heaven’s shore – Easter weekend no less??

Johnny Hart did.

He was my favorite cartoonist, and went home to Glory this weekend. (Thanks, Jonell, for pointing me to this.)

Hart drew things I occaasionally thought but never said, and many that never crossed my mind but obviously did his!

After coming to Christ in 1977, his comic strip, B.C., began to include Biblical concepts that brought me delight but got him in trouble now and then with the papers that carried B.C. It didn’t stop him. JohnnyHart was outspoken about his faith.

Here are a couple links about his death – and his life, the third one offers insight into his outlook, the depth of his faith and his outspoken witness.

Thank you, Lord, for laughter, and for people like Johnny Hart who brought his humor front and center where we could enjoy the lines he heard long before the rest of us.

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