Our Father … My Father

I love Sunday morning. I call it “My Morning Watch – Extended Session” because the clock doesn’t push me out the door and off to work on Sunday mornings. I get to linger in the presence of my Savior and talk to him at length about everything that comes to mind. It’s truly my favorite segment of my week.

I’ve been thinking about prayer the last four or five months (in addition to praying, of course), considering some of the heroes of the faith, their understanding of prayer, and their ability to pray effectively.

These words have my attention this morning:

Prayer is the best test of an individual and it is also the best test of a church. A church can be flourishing: She can be successful in terms of organizations, she can be tremendously active and appear to be prosperous, but if you want to know whether she is a real church or not, examine the amount of prayer that takes place. (Lloyd Jones, Primatial Pastoral Letter)


“Our Father…” I want you to consistently be “My Father…” (in life and practice) as I move through the paces of a month, a week, a day, and that my appropriation of ongoing, genuine prayer will point those around me to You in prayer as well.

When men work, men work.

When men pray, God works. (Oswald Chambers)

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