Our Bethany!


Would you like to see in one 17-second video clip (Jan 21st)

Why she goes by “DramaQween”

Why we sigh “never a dull moment” so often

And why the guy whose face you don’t get see (Karl)

is going to win a medal someday?!?


Ready?     Ok, double-click.

Miraculously no one was hurt.




(Don’t forget to come back)
“Bethany’s Dad”

2 Replies to “Our Bethany!”

  1. Phil

    I can never click just once – have to see it several times when I watch this. It’s like Lays Potato Chips… can’t eat just one. 😆

    Gotta luvvit – ‘specially since everyone’s OK. You’ve got to send this to America’s Funniest Videos. I think it stands a chance ~

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