On Ministry Criteria

Success. It’s elusive, fleeting, even addictive. Yet somehow it drives and motivates many of us in ministry.

Quite frankly, I’m of the opinion some of the yardsticks we use to measure ministry success these days are just plain warped. It’s not a popular position, but oh-well, I’ll live with it.

Jared wrote along these lines recently and I’ll point you to his thoughts this morning.

It’s Sunday, and all across America churches and Christian organizations are fully engaged in ministry activity. Sadly, though, criteria for measuring ministry effectiveness can vary substantially from one place to the next. Should it? I think not. I’ll meet you over at Jared’s – we can talk more about it over there.

Have a wonderful day with God’s people today.

Look for the smile of God’s approval; His is the nod that counts.

2 Replies to “On Ministry Criteria”

  1. David

    Great thoughts.

    I think everyone feels like failures in their ministries from time to time. Often we are the only ones serving in a particular ministry and burn-out is a concern. Many a ministry has fallen to that.

    Sometimes all it takes is a kind word to reaffirm our ministry. There may also be ministries for which we never see the fruit. If we are faithful in our service, God will be faithful in the harvest. We aren’t always mindful of that. Well, “I’m” not always mindful of that.


  2. Phil

    Very true, David, Somehow “faithful to the work” (or to God who gives the assignment) gets left of the criteria for success, doesn’t it?

    I agree with your thought on our never seeing the fruit – or at least it feels like never. It’s a difficult thing to set organizational objectives by which to measure (thinking missions and churches especially) and at the same time accept that we may have a timetable in mind that’s way off from the one God has in His lap. Another reason for serious prayer, I say. I have some ministry dreams in mind that I believe God gave me, but I may have gotten the timing wrong. Or maybe the timing doesn’t matter to Him as much as it does to me. (2 Pt. 3.8)


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