Ohhhh-badiah 1 Kings 18.1-19 (October 26th)

Bible Teacher Warren Wiersbe divides 1 Kings 18 into three sections as Elijah begins his public ministry:

  1. Elijah and Obadiah  (1-16)
  2. Elijah and Baal (17 – 29)
  3. Elijah and Israel (30 – 46)

This week we’re going to look at duplicity.  You know the feeling; like trying to ride two horses. Serve two masters. One foot on the dock, one on the boat.

“Alas, we have too many Obadiahs these days and not enough Elijahs” says Wiersbe.

In preparation for class this week, read 1 Kings 18.1-19.

  • Do you see today’s Christian in Obadiah’s outlook?
  • Do you see yourself at all?
  • How does Elijah’s obedience compare to Obadiah’s?

After you’ve thought about these a while, read 2 Tim 1.7-9 and 2.1-5.   Which of these men emulates the standard we aspire to?  How are you doing?  What changes or adjustments would help you align with Elijah’s passion for God?

Something to think about between now and Sunday . . .

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