New Ministry Tool

I discovered something this week, learned about it from Chuck at “Confessions of a Small Church Pastor“.

PBwiki sites can be very useful! (wiki is Hawaiian for quick or fast)

  • for comittee work when several church members on a committee need to share information with each other, collaborate on a project and want to do so from home,
  • when you have a special event coming up but find programming it into your regular website is cumbersome and takes too much time.
  • Many churches don’t sense a need for long-term external a web-site, but one would be nice to promote and educate for a special event.

Take a look, use your imagination and experiment a little bit. It’s free, it’s easy to learn and use. The text editor is much like the one we use here on WordPress. Go ahead. go see what you think. You can make your own site as quickly as you can make a Peanut Butter Sandwich! (that’s what the PB stands for) Explore the idea [here]

I’m in the process of putting things together on the site that will link directly to things here on Vibrance, but while you wait for that to happen, go play! 😀

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