New Category – “Elijah”

Our life group is studying the life of Elijah in October and November at Spring Creek Church –

I’m adding an Elijah category here on Vibrance where you can

  • look for text versions of our class handouts to get a head start on things or to catch up if you miss a Sunday.
  • keep a discussion going beyond the end of class –  days longer if you want!  😀
  • review where we were earlier in the study
  • when you’re talking with someone who’s interested in what we talked about in class you can point them here for a little more info.

You can participate in the discussions that take place here even if you’re part of a different life group (or none at all – yet),  you can be from another church, another part of the country or half-way around the world.

Be sure to review the “C’mon in” tab at the top of the page, so you know what works here and what doesn’t.

Look for the Elijah Category in the right hand margin – It’ll help bring you right to related posts.

We’re looking forward to our study of Elijah – how about joining us?!

Here’s the summary from our class brochure:

We admire and aspire to Elijah’s spiritual strength —as we should— but Elijah was a man just like us (James 5.17 – NIV). What were the keys to his power? For one, Elijah was aware that God is always at work in His servants at the same time He is working through them to others.

Come help us unwrap life changing lessons in the eight weeks we spend with “Elijah the Tishbite”, a man of heroism and humility, a prophet of power.  He was just like you; honest, he was.

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