Nature’s Recess

Warmth & Brightness
Breezes & Thunder

Dandelion dot-to-dot
In everyone’s yard

Birds texting each other above
Flowers competing for visiting suitors

The sun bearing down
Ice fighting for its life in my plastic tumbler

Opportunistic bugs – carpe diem
Old dogs fast asleep in what used to be shade

Beauty at play
It’s Nature’s recess


While I’ve never claimed to be a poet, I do enjoy word pictures and a few of them seemed to string themselves together for me today.

There’s no rhyme, no meter in the couplets above, but they do have a bit of a lilt – sort of – if you have an imagination.

I just got carried away with the beauty of the afternoon I guess. Enjoy.

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  1. Jonell

    I can see nature changing as you write, the flowers blooming, the shade moving so the dog now sleeps in the sun, the breezes and the thunder! Great word pictures. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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