National Day of Prayer

It’s been a good day.  Today is National Day of Prayer, and I am thankful for the opportunities today to pray for our country knowing others are doing the same.

First thing this morning I opened our church building, cued up reflective music and started visual prayer prompts on the large screen that will aid those who stop in to pray today.

6:45 am I joined 120 – 130 people for a local prayer breakfast.  It was encouraging to see the mayors of our twin cities are more than “OK” with the idea and willing to attend, they lead these prayer breakfasts.  Today was no different than many prayer breakfasts I’ve attended across the country in that there was more conversation and program than prayer, but that’s OK, my heart wandered off to pray in silence a few times while people talked; a pretty good use of distracted time, really.

At noon I joined those who gathered on the front lawn of the county courthouse and prayed for our city, county, state and national governments, our schools, military and fire/police departments.  We prayed at this one, in groups of 2, 3, or 4 people. I couldn’t help but think of places in the world I’ve been where a government official would have been watching, logging names and submitting a report as to who attended and how long they stayed.  We have freedoms in this land, and while there may be erosion in parts of the country, we are still free to gather without interference in most of the US.  I was happy to utilize those freedoms today.

In half an hour or so I’m going to walk into the quietness of our worship center and quietly pray through the prayer cues I created for today.  I’ll be a participant; a follower of the prayer aid I crafted.  It’s one of the privileges of being on staff in a church that truly cares about its people and the community it’s a part of.  I’m able to give and receive in the same day, praying for my country, encouraging others to do likewise.

I hope you take advantage of the privileges that are yours today, National Day of Prayer 2010.  More importantly, I hope you’re talking to God about the things you’d like to see improve in our country more than you’re talking to friends about it.  God has the ability to change things, your friend probably doesn’t.

— we can accomplish more for God’s kingdom than we have ever dreamed if we learn the secret of asking the Lord to stretch out his hand and do what only he can do in our midst.

Jim Cymbala
The Church God Blesses p17

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